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Friday, June 22, 2012

Online classroom.

I do not think a school is a place to solely learn certain subjects. It is a place for develop social skills and
build life-long friendship with schoolmates. So, I do not deny the importance of having schools, however, acquiring much specific field in higher education, online classroom can be appropriate. Nowadays, we can interact each other online and discuss various topics without going anywhere. It can be time-effective and cost-effective as well since it takes only a few educator to design the class for millions of students from all over the world. Of course, there will be heaps of obstacles to face such as time-difference, culture-difference and learning-style difference among students. However, if the course is designed as flexible and open as possible, the outcome will be awesome.

I took corresponding course to earn my BA in English literature. It was a great program to enroll for a busy mum like myself. But I did miss discussion on certain subjects and found challenging to maintain my motivation without anyone to talk with. So, I took many actual classes at school in spite of the cost and the crazy schedule to deal with. With the advance of technology, I do not have to feel isolated on a long-distance Master's course I currently take. On our request, the tutor sets up discussion meeting on Skype regularly. I also previously took a online course for Digital storytelling for young learners. The course actually turn the digital-illiterate to a digital tool user.  So, I currently take a online course for  Educational Blogging for young learners with many teachers from all over the world and it is one of the reasons I set up this blog.

On well-considered and well-organised online course, more people can be benefited from leading scholars, artists and enterprisers from all over the world. After learning certain social skills and foundation of  various subjects, online classrooms can be a mainstream for next generation.


  1. I agree with your opinion because I think online study is very convinient for me.
    I am worker so I am difficult to take or attend english class. But nowadays I can study english somewehre by online. Online's venefit is current.
    Of course, to read book is very important but the topic is older than online.
    online is useful to know current topic and idea.
    I want to use it more.

  2. I completely agree with the advantages of on-line courses. I also share the idea of the importance of school in building social skills, which are so important to future life!

  3. @jun, yes, it is a good idea to use online contents for your learning more :-) There are various online courses to learn numerous subjects. Perhaps you can find something intriguing as well.

    @ Marcela, Thank you for your approval :-) Your comment here is exactly the thing I feel so fortunate

  4. I also agree with you. On-line courses are a great way to keep on learning despite the lack of time. You do things at your own pace and you share experiences with other teachers around the world. I also share the idea that sometimes you miss some discussions but Skype or video conferences solve that problem.

  5. @Flor, Because of online courses, education style is transforming I think. I see positive changes in terns of learning opportunities. Hope learners will use this change wisely :-)