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Friday, June 15, 2012


My favorite the American idol, Phillip Phillips sings "Home". This song reminds me of one of the reasons I set up Sunny-field English in 1999.  As I have become a mum, I realized how important for everyone to have a place, called "Home". I wanted to built home where you can always come back and take a rest from the heck tick crazy world we live in.

It has been 13 years passed by and I have been having amazingly inspiring and educational experiences because of the bunch of wonderfully unique individuals. Things I have learned from those young learners via teaching English are priceless and their presence in my life motivates me to be a little better person. I have realized that I can never promise to facilitate "Home" for anyone but surely all the young learners I have met in the last 13 years have made the classroom home for me.

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