Sunny-field's Book shelf

Sunny-field's Book shelf
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Monday, June 18, 2012


This is the 3rd week on Educational Blogging for young learners course. So far I have done as follows:

  • Setting up new blog to share with my students as well as some guest writers.
  • Edited layout and basic settings of the blog
  • Invited writers for this blog.
  • Added some gadgets to the blog.
  • Posted several contents.
  • Discovered some interesting sites and added the URL to the blog.
  • Left comments on other's blogs.

I'm quite familiar with Blogger and for me it was not so challenging to post something. But I realized posting on Blogger is not so easy if you don't have Google account. It is a good chance to open Google account and start blogging, though.

I hope to see more posts and enjoy blogging together :-)

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