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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Chinese advanced technique

Hello, I'm Tadashi.

I'd like to introduce this video.
Builders in China completed 30-story prefabricated hotel in just 15 days.
It takes around two years when it becomes the construction of this scale in Japan.

Do you want to stay at this hotel ?


  1. It sounds like a great hotel that is comfortable, but I don't know if I would trust it after being built in such a short time.
    Do you want to stay in it?

  2. umm...Two years work in Japan can be done in 15 days in China? Is Japanese system so inefficient ? Has China found super efficient new technology? It is hard to tell how safe this hotel can be unless we know it was built according to the international building code and safety standard. If it is just a domestic standard, I won't feel safe to stay there.