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Sunny-field's Book shelf
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Monday, July 30, 2012

No.4 Summer Reading: Be a winner in the defeat

To me, having ideas of how you lose and what you do next from the experience is as valuable as  getting the gold medal or winning in a competition. In other words, regardless of the result, the learning opportunity is in your hand.  In fact, you may lose more in life in the general term of triumph. If you don't take them as blessings in disguise, you get only disappointing and other negative emotions. And in your whole life, you may try to avoid making errors or defeats. What will you get from such a life?
Security? Is it possible to avoid errors and defeats? I keep on repeating myself because I often need to realize this as well. We lose a lot but the good news is we can learn from defeats and errors a lot as well. How will we do that? By facing the defeat and analyze the causes and work on it/ them. Instead of fearing defeats, welcoming and overcoming them as learning opportunities seem like a feasible and meaningful approach to life. What do you think?

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