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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Cramming for tests

Our environmentally rich country, Japan has more than four seasons. Rainy reason can be added to Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Those reasons with different characteristic enrich our lives. But there are also some reasons that are unpleasant, which is the seasons for tests.

Generally, we have three terms in an academic year, starting from April. In the freshman year in any educational institute, the new comers enjoy the blooming cherry blossoms and fun golden week, that has 4 national holidays in the week from the end of April to beginning of May. Students enjoy the holiday with their new mates and family. Then after that, the reality hits them with middle term test. I used to think, "How cruel this is!" Because the fear for the test often spoil the excitements and pleasures  on holiday.  Unfortunately, the bigger and scarier term-end test comes before Summer vacation. In the midst of summer holiday planning, students cram all the numbers and words in their head and by the time the holiday begins, they forget everything they crammed. That is, I call, a season of sighs.

As you sigh so much on endless pages of textbooks, have you ever wondered if  cramming really effective strategy? Well, I won't say to learn but even to get good grades. I certainly think cramming has some advantages but here is something to consider.

Wouldn't that be nice if you get good grades while you actually learn something?

 If this question doesn't make any sense to you, you are one of rare and fortunate case. Congrats! Please carry on whatever you do. But those who understand what I am saying, take a few mins to think about this question. For the test you have been cramming right now, you might have to carry on but for the next one. Cramming is NOT the only way to digest information you get at school.

Good luck on your test! And imagine all the fun staff you can do during Summer when you need to escape from the season of sign for a while. Good news is you are not alone and it can be the last time you have to get intimidatingly huge amount of information into your head within 24 hours.

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